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"Garnet and Gordon Campbell" by Richard Crenian

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May 3, 2009

“Garnet and Gordon Campbell-Canadian Heroes”

Canadian Men’s Brier Curling Champions, 1955.

Lloyd Campbell (lead), Donald Campbell (third), Glen Campbell (second), Garnet Campbell, (skip).

Amazing story, it was famed that Garnet and his brothers, learned their trade in a barn frozen likened to an ice rink. We shall keep that folklore alive I am sure.

Garnet and Gordon farmed together in the Avonlea area, Saskatchewan and Brother Lloyd farmed just west of Regina.

Garnet’s and Gordon’s father started that farm just south of Avonlea, Gordon still lives on the same site.

Garnet’s wife Daverne and Garnet are both doing well.
Garnet may be close to 80 these days. He and young and only wife Daverne, are doing well these days with kids, Vern in Calgary, married with kids and their daughter Cassandra, is busy with her Hair Styling shop in California!

Garnet and Daverne spend six months in a suburb NW Phoenix, during the winter escaping the cold weather of Saskatchewan.

Lloyd I heard has had 2 hip replacements and still a good golfer.

I was always impressed with this family. Such hard working, soil of the earth people who were long on honesty, integrity and represented the spirit of Canada as it always should be. I have been blessed to have had them enter my life and bestow upon me their goodness and laughter.

Hardwork, good fun, good humor and a great family. Shouldn’t they be recognized as heroes?

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