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"Canadian Heroes!" by Richard Crenian

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Apr. 30, 09

“A Canadian Hero!”

Too often we hear about heroes and what they accomplished in business.

We have heroes like Obama too, the most likely NOT to be President, and here he is 100 days later.

What about the Canadians?

Having going to high school in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, it would only seem fitting to call the Canadian Farmer Canadian Heroes.

Hardy, hardworking, honest and unwilling to call defeat, the Canadian Farmer has suffered much and only lately been given an opportunity to earn some monies.

Here is what they faced when they first came to Canada to toil the land:
“For many immigrants, life on the Prairies was more akin to a nightmare than a dream — a point underscored in the final section of the exhibition. When homesteaders first arrived, their "farms" usually consisted of virgin prairie, a survey stake and a swarm of mosquitoes. Once the land was broken, the bountiful crops promised in the advertisements were sometimes devoured by insects, ruined by frost or shrivelled by drought. Some immigrants faced discrimination and venomous insults; two newspapers quoted in the exhibition labelled immigrants as "the scum of other lands" or even "the refuse of civilization".
With the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, about 80,000 immigrants were declared "enemy aliens" under the War Measures Act and over 5,000 were sent to internment camps. The Golden Age of Prairie settlement had come to an end.
Chronologically, Acres of Dreams ends with the Great Depression — a supreme test of the settlers' mettle and ingenuity. Objects featured like a quilt fashioned from uniforms discarded by a baseball team in Moose Jaw or a violin made from packing crates and harness supplies illustrate the resourcefulness of settlers during this testing period of Canadian history.”
At the end of the story their second and third generations made it. Families and farmland, the heartland of Canada. I am proud of those that I know, so many of them. Howard is a good farm boy from Midale (near Weyburn), Saskatchewan. He knows the value of a buck

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