Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Canadian Heroes!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
Apr. 30, 09

“A Canadian Hero!”

Too often we hear about heroes and what they accomplished in business.

We have heroes like Obama too, the most likely NOT to be President, and here he is 100 days later.

What about the Canadians?

Having going to high school in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, it would only seem fitting to call the Canadian Farmer Canadian Heroes.

Hardy, hardworking, honest and unwilling to call defeat, the Canadian Farmer has suffered much and only lately been given an opportunity to earn some monies.

Here is what they faced when they first came to Canada to toil the land:
“For many immigrants, life on the Prairies was more akin to a nightmare than a dream — a point underscored in the final section of the exhibition. When homesteaders first arrived, their "farms" usually consisted of virgin prairie, a survey stake and a swarm of mosquitoes. Once the land was broken, the bountiful crops promised in the advertisements were sometimes devoured by insects, ruined by frost or shrivelled by drought. Some immigrants faced discrimination and venomous insults; two newspapers quoted in the exhibition labelled immigrants as "the scum of other lands" or even "the refuse of civilization".
With the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, about 80,000 immigrants were declared "enemy aliens" under the War Measures Act and over 5,000 were sent to internment camps. The Golden Age of Prairie settlement had come to an end.
Chronologically, Acres of Dreams ends with the Great Depression — a supreme test of the settlers' mettle and ingenuity. Objects featured like a quilt fashioned from uniforms discarded by a baseball team in Moose Jaw or a violin made from packing crates and harness supplies illustrate the resourcefulness of settlers during this testing period of Canadian history.”
At the end of the story their second and third generations made it. Families and farmland, the heartland of Canada. I am proud of those that I know, so many of them. Howard is a good farm boy from Midale (near Weyburn), Saskatchewan. He knows the value of a buck

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Richard Crenian

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The Smell of A New Car Interior!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs

April 28, 2009

“The Smell of the New Car Interior!”

If you have been lucky enough to buy or lease a new car, you know what I mean. There is never quite like the smell of a new car interior.

When I was a kid, Uncle Mike and I used to work on older cars, and I was lucky enough to have owned some pretty hot cars, but none more than $400.00.
I had to borrow the money for that first car, but that beautiful 1966 Olds Cutlass was a beaut!

Although it was written off, (only a fender), the motor and and interior still looked good. While all the kids were partying, Uncle Mike and I worked on that beast, and bought used body parts to bring it up to sniff! Then a $99 Maaco paint job made that car smoked (car terminology for looking good)!!
So proud was I that I sold the beast for $600 and couldn’t believe that I made a profit from all that hard work!! The profit was small, after all expenses, but I was making $1.75 an hour so fifty dollars was like a billion to me.

Too bad that the majors didn’t take a lesson from a young boy. Instead of making a billion they are losing billions.
It really is sad.

Chrysler and why just a few months ago Kirk Kerkorian was trying to buy Ford. (See my previous blog below.) I guess as we retire, we need to make sure we have safe and secure investments. We used to say “ as strong as GM.”
That is no longer. Howard and his family grew up in Saskatchewan. They have been through the dirty thirties, He believes in slow and steady wins the race.

Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
January 8th -09

“Kirk what were ye thinking?”

I was reading about Kirk Kerkorian, the investor that made his billions in real estate in southern Nevada. His story is great and it’s always nice to read about someone that can overcome adversity and does it all himself. Not bad for a guy that didn’t speak English until he started school. Today he is rated at 41st richest man in the US although the new rankings haven’t come out yet.

Today he is 91 years old and still has all the fire in the world to spirit him along.

So what has happened to Kirk as he is supposed to retire and enjoy all the fruits of his labor and his life? At 91 I hope to have his fire and drive but I would know better than to risk my money at 91.

Here is what happened.

Kirk decides he is going to buy shares of Ford. “Kerkorian's stake in Ford peaked in June, when he owned 6.49 percent after paying $1 billion at an average share price of $7.10. He began scaling back his ownership in October, selling shares at an average price of $2.43 each, according to regulatory filings. That marked a loss of about two-thirds of his investment, or roughly $650 million.” (from the Huffington Post).

Kirk when I am 91, I am going golfing with Howard and investing in cash flow real estate where you made your money first!! What’s the matter with you? What were ye thinking??

"What, Me Worry, Again?"

Richard Crenian Blogs
“What I Worry About!”
April 27, 2009

I really worry what happens when this market does turn around. Does that mean you will have forgotten all about your worries and pains, and start investing in mutual funds, equities and in the stock markets?
How did you end off before the famous crash took a bunch of your money (and mine) down with it? Why is it at the end of the RRSP season the mutual fund industry did so well?
Did we forget? Someone gave them their money? I was reading today that the China market is starting to warm up to IPO’s and I cannot for the life understand that.
Me, or I don’t worry about the ups and downs of the real estate market. I just worry about cash flow. You will drive yourself totally crazy if you think of what values are day to day.
Is your investment safe and secure? Are you getting cash or can get cash flow from your projects?
Even though in commercial real estate you get tenants in and out, so long as long term you are out of the woods. Real estate commercial cash flow investing is for people with a long term view. If you want heart attack, intensity and full out action go for the stock market. If you want peace and quiet, check out Howard at 4036304544. He doesn’t care what happens. He’s happy with all of our investments and some do well some could do better, but so what he says? He doesn’t have to worry about the long term. He is patient and knows that his money is safe.
Isn’t that the type of investments you want?
PS Just read that financier Danny Pang just ripped off investors to the tune of 4 Billion dollars! Another Ponzi.
Call Howard, no worries!

Richard Crenian

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"And the Headlines Read....Mutual Funds Gain!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
April 15, 2009

And the Headlines Read….Mutual Funds Gain….”

From the Globe and Mail……

Thinkingman FromCanada from Canada writes: During rrsp season my wife saw an ad for mutual funds. She said 'How can they be advertising after they lost so much money for people'. I never have and never will buy mutual funds. Too many crooks in the stock market. Now we have the evidence of this.
With empathy. Kevin.

Donald Duck from richmond, bc, Canada writes:
Yeah right !! See u in another 5 years when another scoundrel like Bernie Madoff steps in and wipes the slate clean.

The author, Shirley Won in the Globe and Mail today wrote, “the RRSP season ended on an upbeat note for the Canadian fund industry as investors plowed $3.4-billion into its investments amid the worst market turmoil in decades.”

What do you think?
Kevin’s wife is pretty smart. You lose 38% and you still put your money in.
What will it take for you to believe that there are other ways to be safe and secure?

It is unbelievable how many people get sucked in by slick promotion gimmicks etc. What’s that about. I say the slicker the presentation the higher the chance you will lose. So who knows?

Howard my partner knows, Call him at 4036304544. If you want black or white, you don’t have to go far. Speak to him.

Richard Crenian

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The New Asian Thinking?" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
April 2-09
“The New Asian Thinking?”
Our Business Partner in Asia, Darwin Forer, who is from Avonlea, Saskatchewan (Home of the world famous 1955 curling champions, The Campbell Brothers), has been living in Asia in what seems to be forever.
He and his wife live in Hong Kong, with their two young ones. Mui, Darwin’s wife is from Thailand and the nicest lady you would want to meet.
Recently Darwin emailed me about what the South East Asians are investing in and what they invested in previously..........
“- Tree farming the buzz this quarter.
-Former "oil pods" manager (it collapsed as was a ponzi scheme) is now selling Vietnam property that appears to be cheap to S.E. Asians who seem to forget it is still communist there.
- Salespeople helping “friends" sell houses located in another country
I attended the SMART property expo today; of course Land Banking companies selling, but mostly resort property around Asia, also now Cayman Island land banking. And several motivational speakers, self help etc and several running around selling weight loss programs.”
It is amazing for me to see, when the S.E. Asians, one of the smartest and most intellectual people in the world, with such a keen sense of business acumen, can fall prey to greedy and unscrupulous promoters and hucksters. Their aggressive thinking and “the chase for big returns” may skew their thinking.
Yet, Asian Government Pensions Plans invest with a long view in mind.
Howard my Canadian partner lives right. He says to enjoy the investment he plays by these rules…….1. Does it provide cash flow? 2. Is it safe and stable? And 3. Is it operated by knowledgeable people? If the answer is yes he does it.
In his younger days did he go for riskier deals? Yes! Has he been burned? Yes.
He says he is too old to lose any money these days. Besides he says that it is for his kids and grandkids! He just needs a little money to eat and buy gas!
Call him in Tucson, he’s still golfing!! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian