Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Howard Manley" by Richard Crenian

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May 3, 2009

“My Partner Howard!”

You all know that my business partner, Howard Manley, is a Saskatchewan native born and bred; He was born in a little town called Midale, just outside of Weyburn, in the South Eastern part of the province. Howard is a great guy- let me tell you how.

I always stress family and It is unbelievable to me that Pat, his wife and Howard are now married for 43 years!! That is a long time. He has three adult children and three grandchildren which he never stops talking about. The two older grand kids, are both boys, and Howard refers to them as his boys.

His little baby granddaughter, is referred to as “my little girl!” You could not have anyone as proud of his kids and grandkids as Grandpa Howard.

Howard and I go back since December 1976. That is a long time! He is my mentor and was my big brother that I never had. He was the most hardworking guy, yet full of fun and spirit in everyway. Leon, who works with us, another great guy, grew up with Howard in Midale. How small is this world. Leon would like to believe that he is retired, (no you are not Leon) and was another guy that worked hard all his life.

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