Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"What, Me Worry, Again?"

Richard Crenian Blogs
“What I Worry About!”
April 27, 2009

I really worry what happens when this market does turn around. Does that mean you will have forgotten all about your worries and pains, and start investing in mutual funds, equities and in the stock markets?
How did you end off before the famous crash took a bunch of your money (and mine) down with it? Why is it at the end of the RRSP season the mutual fund industry did so well?
Did we forget? Someone gave them their money? I was reading today that the China market is starting to warm up to IPO’s and I cannot for the life understand that.
Me, or I don’t worry about the ups and downs of the real estate market. I just worry about cash flow. You will drive yourself totally crazy if you think of what values are day to day.
Is your investment safe and secure? Are you getting cash or can get cash flow from your projects?
Even though in commercial real estate you get tenants in and out, so long as long term you are out of the woods. Real estate commercial cash flow investing is for people with a long term view. If you want heart attack, intensity and full out action go for the stock market. If you want peace and quiet, check out Howard at 4036304544. He doesn’t care what happens. He’s happy with all of our investments and some do well some could do better, but so what he says? He doesn’t have to worry about the long term. He is patient and knows that his money is safe.
Isn’t that the type of investments you want?
PS Just read that financier Danny Pang just ripped off investors to the tune of 4 Billion dollars! Another Ponzi.
Call Howard, no worries!

Richard Crenian

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