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"Instant Classic Cars!" by Richard Crenian

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February 13, 2009

“Instant Classic Cars?” by Richard Crenian

Who would have thought they your GM product of Chrysler Auto may end up being an instant classic car? Shocking isn’t it?

When you consider how much the cost of labor is for them vrs Toyota it makes you worried for them. I believe it is a culture of entitlement that pays you per hour versus what one produces that ends up getting one into that kind of trouble. I have friends that work for these plants, good hardworking people, solid to the core, who are stuck in a job with this culture.

In 1988 before the end of the Soviet Union, I visited a large bakery in Moscow.
I had heard at that time that the lineups for food were long and that the Muscovites couldn’t even get the basic staples and that selection and availability on the shelves were almost non existent.

Anticipating this, I visited this production bakery, but unfortunately it was the end of the day, and they were shutting down. They showed us their plant and I happened to peek out the back door (curious as ever) and was shocked to see so much bread being left outside on the grass.

I asked what and why that was, and they said they produce as much as they can daily and then whatever isn’t picked up is thrown outside the door for the birds.
So the workers worked their nine or ten hours, baked and left with no quotas just to make work. What was more surprising at that time was the Muscovites, most who made the equivalent of $15-$25 US per month, regardless whether they were Doctors or Laborers, were not being fed well and this wasted food was going to the birds literally.

Doesn’t this quite sound like our domestic car makers that production continued in spite of slow sales and now what?

Why does a Wal-Mart make money in recessionary times? They sell quality at good prices to the masses and the purchaser always knows he can go to Wal-Mart and get his basics, at the best price. Makes sense?

Cash flow quality investing is the same. You’ve worked hard for your money now you don’t want to blow it. Therefore you want safety and security in your investments.
Howard does just that. Call him in Tuscon at 4036304544 and ask him how many rounds of gold he has played in the past two days. Good for him. He turns 65 on the 17th of February!

Richard Crenian

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