Friday, February 27, 2009

"Another Winner!" a blog by Richard Crenian

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February 27, 2009

“Another Winner…..!”

It’s like the Oscars in Canada, winning banks, without Obama’s or interfering governments, and now the other big winner announced is the TD Bank with better than earnings results.

The fact that the TD Bank is still making money while allowing for writedowns says a lot for this Canadian Bank.

Sure beats our US counterparts and Citibank……..yikes, or do I call it Obamabank now?
Three cheers for Canada! If we believe that the US operates in a free economy why aren’t we letting the bad US banks go down and the non competing US Auto Industry go the way of the do-do bird? Throwing good money after bad……….? Bottom line, it’s all about the people (see votes) but you know that.

Remember old Bobby Rae, the former NDP Premier of Ontario, that everyone supposedly gave a big majority to, and decided to spend his way out of the economy?
Ohhh, that hurt us so bad, and no one, not one person admitted to voting for him after his mess. I try and stay apolitical, but could this be Obama in a few years?

Howard my partner doesn’t care, he says buy cash flowing good quality retail investments and sit back and watch everyone else shoot themselves in their foot.
He’s worked too long and too hard to watch governments come and go only to screw up a economy. He wants cash flow and the government can do whatever he wants!

We love Canada, and you thought America was the way to go? Never. Howard is golfing today. Ask him what he shot? 403 630 4544.

Richard Crenian

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