Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"No Complaints, Here!"

Richard Crenian Blogs
“No Complaints Here!”
December 24, 2008

Do we ever complain? I saw a book at Ingido that asked if a complaint is a marketing opportunity?

Ok let’s ask what we should complain about….
1. We live in a democratic country?
2. We are provided quality health care?
3. We have freedoms not found anywhere else in the world?
4. We are often in our country the master of our destinies?
5. We are taken care of as we age by our government?
6. We have a stable government?
7. We can come and go as we please?
8. We are a law abiding country?
9. We are not in war?
10. We have kids sacrificing their lives for us overseas?

It is nice to live in a western world where we suffer the indignities of cold weather, stupid political jargons and fights, and especially in Canada, where the banks are still in order.
We visit the doctors and go to the hospitals for free, how lucky are we?
Even if we don’t need the money we get a pension at 65, and carry on. We are lucky to have been born here or have had the great foresight to immigrate here.

Yet we complain. Complain if we didn’t invest properly in our 40’s and 50’s to keep the lifestyle we want. We chased the greed and go burned. My partner Howard, he chased nothing. He taught me that slow and steady wins the race and there he is in first place. He taught me cash flow investing and that is something we can and should learn from him.

Hey Howard, I am going to call you on your cell at 403-630-4544 to wish you a Merry Christmas and have you tell me how nice it is out west today with a high of -19!! Cold weather, OK, that is something we can complain about!

Richard Crenian

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