Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Ohhh, Aren't You Glad.....!" by Richard Crenian

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March 5, 2009

“OHHH…Aren’t You Glad…….”

Yesterday I spoke about the robot Mutual Fund Sales People. They took their product and went forth and sold tons of it.

I wonder what is happening to our insurance companies.

Where did they invest the monies that we gave them?

Why can’t I find what they used the funds for on the internet?

Why isn’t it accessible? Biggest secret going………

Scary thought isn’t it? So we should bury our head in the sand?

Talking about sand, all those scammers that sold you a piece of the action of the land deals to be developed in three to five years are now looking at seven to fifteen years if they are lucky. Your land value……….like they say, Cash is King, Land is Dirt.
If you can’t find your Land Seller or your salesmen to explain what the value of your land is, it should be understandable. How do you say valueless?
Ohhh, those smooth talking sales guys, selling you the pie in the sky and where are they with the truth when you need it the most?

Have you heard this one, “Martha, we are buying into a land deal in Mexico!”
Right, bet it is close to the swamps in Florida. Seriously, have you heard about the travelers warnings to Mexico…….? Advised Not to Go!! (That Land deal in Mexico? Hrmphhh!)

Howard, well he advised all his clients to go into cash flowing product. Slow and Steady he says. Nothing glamorous, boring but safe. Hope you are listening, and you did listen. He was right. Not bad for a hard working boy from Midale, Saskatchewan. He beat all those so called experts, and yes he is still in Arizona soaking up the sun. Call him at 4036304544, and bug him! I do!

Richard Crenian

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